Connect With Your Inner Artist

Everyone has a creative side. It can be expressed in many different ways, through storytelling, innovative thinking, or artistically. Which type of artist are you?

The Adventurer

Adventurer types are passionate, expressive and multi-talented creatives with a natural ability to entertain and inspire. You are a natural storyteller and performer, bursting with energy and enthusiasm.

The Dreamer

You are intuitive and emotional, with a great sense of empathy for the people around you. Dreamers are the quintessential romantic and are naturally drawn to literary, musical and visual arts.


The Innovator

Always looking for new and improved ways of doing things, Innovators are no strangers to change. You are a risk-taker with the desire to experiment and unafraid to explore uncharted territories.

The Maker

Focused solely on the creative process, the Maker has mastered the art of building systems, crafting structures and developing tools that others can rely on.

The Producer

Grounded in realism and efficiency, the Producer is a natural organiser with an ability to motivate and inspire others. You are often fixated on results and gravitate towards collaborative and leadership roles.

The Visionary

You have the ability to see the spark of potential in everything and everyone, and live in a world of infinite possibilities. The Visionary combines a vivid imagination with a desire for practical solutions.

Illustrations by Cherryn Yap @zhier.draws