Your Social Stratosphere Roundup: 5 Song Lyrics that Pack a Punch

It's easy to overlook the role that music plays in our lives—that is, until the end of the year rolls around and the annual Spotify wrap-ups reveal that you've actually spent a kajillion hours streaming "All Star" by Smash Mouth.

The power of music to communicate ideas and emotions is truly remarkable. Everyday, artists are putting out new creations that capture bits and pieces of life through sound. In an effort to recognise their efforts, ISHAN SINGH recommends five new songs with impactful lyrics that will resonate with various listeners.

#1 "Become a Mountain" by Dan Deacon


“Close your eyes / And become a mountain / Become all around you / Become the skies, become the seas”

On this experimental-psychedelic track, Dan Deacon sings about being present and living in the moment—a relevant reminder to busy city-dwellers. Complemented by an army of pianists smashing out arpeggios to their heart’s content, Deacon paints a vivid picture for the listener, guiding them through a "perilous" adventure and leaving them better off having "survived" it.

#2 "Surf" by Mac Miller


“Sometimes I get lonely / Not when I'm alone / But it's more when I'm standin' in crowds / That I'm feelin' the most on my own / And I know that somebody knows me / I know somewhere there's home / I'm startin' to see that all I have to do is get up and go”

In this posthumous body of work, the late Mac Miller has gifted us with beautiful songs out of his introspections. In this particular verse, he reflects on loneliness being a state of mind, much different from the physical state of being alone. In the latter half of the song, Miller recognises that although he’s long been aware of his desires, he’s only now starting to realise that they aren’t all that far-fetched—he simply needs to start working towards them.

#3 "Demons" by Alec Benjamin


“Well, at first I thought I'll have to bear this weight by myself / But when my knees were getting weak and I was in need of help / You were there to take away the pain that I felt, mhm

25 year-old singer/songwriter Alec Benjamin continues to impress with his new single which tells the story of a relationship affected by personal woes. Initially, he expresses, it feels like his problems are his alone to bear; however, when he can no longer cope alone, he realises it’s okay to accept help. The following verse continues to delve even deeper, and reveals how one starts to take the help for granted after getting better. This song will strike a familiar chord with listeners who have had similar past experiences.

#4 "Beautiful Stranger" by Marcus King


“Beautiful stranger / You come here quite often / I don't know your name / But I know what you drink / You got a secret / But it's one you can't keep / Oh, beautiful stranger / You're an angel to me”

We all recognise certain people on the train, in the bar, from class. People we’ve never talked to but nevertheless catch sight of every now and then. Marcus King's beautiful country ballad speaks of the comfort in seeing that familiar face as you go about your daily routine, even if the most you’ve ever shared is a nod in acknowledgement.

#5 "Lost in Yesterday" by Tame Impala


“When we were livin' in squalor, wasn't it Heaven? / Back when we used to get on it four out of seven / Now even though that was a time I hated from day one / Eventually, terrible memories turn into great ones”

It can be hard not to reminisce about "the good old days" through rose-tinted glasses. That's the idea behind Tame Impala's funky psych-rock anthem about looking back and letting go of the past. This is an incredibly layered track, with a poignant message juxtaposed against an upbeat vocal and instrumental arrangement.

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