#SocialConversations with Sir Michael Barber: 'Accomplishment' Book Launch

To kick off 2022, a year where many around the world are easing into a pandemic-adjusted life, the Lien Centre for Social Innovation (LCSI) is pleased to host a #SocialConversation with Sir Michael Barber focusing on his book “Accomplishment”. This conversation will aim to apply an Asian perspective and a social impact lens while unpacking the book, in conversation with both the author and discussant, Sumitra Pasupathy (Global Partnerships Director at Ashoka).

Sir Michael Barber has spent many years advising governments, businesses, and major sporting teams around the world on how to achieve ambitious goals on time. Through his recently published book “Accomplishment”, he applies the wisdom he has gained from dealing with large, complex organisations and elite athletes to help anyone tackle their most challenging goals.

Drawing on the stories of historic visionaries and modern heroes, Sir Michael Barber uses personal anecdote and proven strategy to map the route to success and navigate the difficulties that arise along the way. 

Grab your drink of choice join us on a conversation!


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