Giving and Receiving: Looking Ahead - Singapore as a Philanthropic Hub

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Since January 2021, the Lien Centre for Social Innovation (LCSI) has been holding a series of forums as part of the Giving and Receiving programme series, aimed at extending conversations around the findings of a report by the same name that was released at the end of 2020. From January to May, various topics related to philanthropy were discussed through panels as well as interviews, including exploring Eastern and Western philosophies of giving, giving and investing in women and girls initiativesinterfaith giving, as well as trust-based philanthropy.  

The final webinar in the Giving & Receiving series discussed the future of Singapore as a philanthropic hub. The webinar unpacked where Singapore stands in the global philanthropic space, and explored Singapore’s vision of what it means to be a philanthropic hub - where new and innovative approaches to philanthropy can be tried, tested, and scaled. The webinar also looked at how Singapore’s strengths can be leveraged in partnership for the well-being of the region. 


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